Contact problem of elasticity theory for semirestricted bodies with rough surfaces in the case of almost full contact between them

Applied Mathematics, Mechanics and Physics


Salganik R. L.1*, Mokhel A. N.1, Fedotov A. A.2**

1. Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 101-1, prospekt Vernadskogo, Moscow, 119526, Russia
2. Irkut Corporation, 68, Leningradskiy prospect, Moscow, 125315, Russia



A contact problem of elasticity theory is considered for semirestricted bodies with rough surfaces in the case of almost full contact between them. Shearing interaction between contacting bodies is neglected. The plane strain case is analyzed as well as the spatial one. A numerical example is given to demonstrate how to solve the contact problem for the case of tyre on pavement with extended hole in it. — informational site of MAI

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