New radio-digital platforms for aerospace systems intended for high-speed data transfer

Radio engineering. Electronics


Sloka V. K.1, Teplyakov I. M.2*

1. Radiotechnical Institute named after academician A.L. Mintz, 10-1, str. 8 March, Moscow, 127083, Russia
2. National Research University of Electronic Technology, 1, sq. Shokina, Moscow, Zelenograd, 124498, Russia



Design foundations and main features are considered for a new generation of aerospace high-speed reconnaissance and information systems intended for the theatre of war. The systems can be implemented using relay transponders located on unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites. Some problems related to these new radio-digital high-speed data relay distribution systems are discussed including requirements formulation and structure selection, computation of radio link power budget for a two-stage aerospace retransmission scheme, main features of a spacecraft-based retransmitter, general algorithm and interaction scheme for a retransmitter —subscriber system. — informational site of MAI

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