On the usage prospects of nanosorbents and fractionation methods in the space live support systems

Applied Mathematics, Mechanics and Physics


Zakharova N. G.1*, Yurishcheva A. A.1**, Karandin V. I.2***, Rozhkov A. G.2***, Kydralieva K. A.1****

1. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
2. The 3rd Central Military Clinical Hospital of A.A. Vishnevsky, settl. Novy, Krasnogorsk district, Moscow region, 143420, Russia

*e-mail: zah006@mail.ru
**e-mail: yurishcheva@yandex.ru
***e-mail: sos-2004@rambler.ru
****e-mail: k_kamila@mai.ru


This study was aimed to selection of beneficial methods for the systems of live support for long-term expeditions and subsequent rehabilitation, in particularly, for purification of biological liquids.
A set of approaches was used for the lymph purification: centrifugation (g-factors made 1500, 1600, 11300, accordingly), micro- and ultrafiltration (0.22 micron and 67 kD, accordingly), and functionalized magnetite nanoparticles as biocompatible sorbents towards lymph components of sick patient. The latters were formulated using polymer-assisted method of synthesis, which proposed in situ chemical coprecipitation of chlorides of iron (II) and (III) valencies into the matrix of humic and pectin acids, accordingly. Some data on the nanoparticles formulated structure using scanning electronic microscopy and XRD analysis are given. The average size of nanoparticles calculated using Sherrer equation made ~16 nm for Fe3O4/HA and ~14 nm for Fe3O4/Pec. These results were agreed with SEM data. As the controlled sorption criteria, we have used the concentration of biochemical indicators for basic constant lymph ingredients, which determine cell, organ and general homeostasis at various diseases.
Mechanical treatment using centrifugation and membrane filtration was shown sufficient decrease several times in the content of protein and lipid ingredients of lymph, in particularly, for alanineaminotransferase — twenty-fold, aspartateaminotransferase - three-fold, total cholesterol - eight-fold, creatinine -six-fold, total protein - four- fold, albumin - tenfold. But, glucose content was unvaried after treatment using indicated methods.
Sorption study of the biocompatible functionalized magnetite nanoparticles towards lymph ingredients had demonstrated clearly beneficial potential of nanocomposites used towards all ingredients with exception of bilirubin. Decrease of lymph ingredients in comparison with initial sample made 50% and more. Our findings indicated that humic-based nanocomposite was found to be the more effective as a sorbent as compared with pectin-based one. Future experiments are planned under various conditions of liquid separation, extended sampling to confirm effectiveness of methods tested. In addition, screening of toxicity and stability of nanocomposite used, which is of special interest, will be our immediate goal.


magnetite nanoparticles, natural polymers, biocompatible sorbents, efferent therapy, systems of life support and rehabilitation, chemical coprecipitation, sorption efficiency and specificity


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