Oleg Mikhailovich Alifanov

Editor-in-chief of Aerospace MAI Journal

Job position

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)
Head of “Space Systems and Rocketry” Department

Science degree

Doctor of Engineering Science
Academician of Russian Academy of Science


4 Volokolamskoe shosse, 124993, Moscow, Russia

Research area

Optimization of heat transfer in thermal loaded structures

Key scientific achievements

Prof. Alifanov is the author of a fundamentally new scientific line “Experimental and theoretical methodology for identification of heat transfer processes and thermal modes control”. 

The theory and methodology for the solution to inverse heat transfer problems and practical application of these solutions were offered for design and experimental testing of aviation and aerospace vehicles.

Based on these theoretical and methodology approach the unique experimental facilities and stands were created for investigation and optimization of thermal and thermomechanical structures modes. New effective diagnosis principals and methodology for thermal and aerothermodynamic testing were implemented.

3 Doctors of Engineering and 12 Candidates of Science were prepared under the supervision of Prof. Alifanov.

He is an author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications including 12 books, 3 encyclopedias, 41 inventions and patents.

Scientific awards

Prof. Alifanov is the winner of Russian Federation Government Prize in space technology area and Award of the Russian Federation President in education area.

For the achievements in the field of science and technology he has been awarded by:

  • The highest award of International Astronautical Federation – A.D. Emile award (for contribution into cosmonautics and international partnership);

  • Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal of International Astronautical Federation (for achievements in educational and science area);

  • Award and medal n.a. academician A.V. Likov of Belarusian National Academy of Science (for contribution into two-phase heat transfer research);

  • Diploma di Merito and Gold medal of European chambers (for development of theoretical background, on which base the original experimental stands for investigation and optimization of structures thermal modes was developed);

  • International Academy of Astronautics award (for achievements in engineering science).   

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