Publication Ethics Statement

Aerospace MAI Journal is a peer reviewed journal, which publishes scientific papers. The journal strives to abide by the high standards of publication ethics established by the UNESCO International Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The journal publisher has established the following rules of ethical conduct. The authors, the reviewers and the Editorial Board should guarantee and ensure the compliance with these rules.

The publisher prohibits the publication (placement) of materials of advertising nature in the journal to eliminate the possible conflict of interest concerning the ethics of scientific papers.

Rules of ethical conduct for paper authors

The paper authors should present the research results, which contain academic novelty.

The presented scientific results and conclusions should be valid. They should be adduced in both sufficiently comprehensive, correct and objective manner.

The authors should only submit the papers, which are entirely original. If the paper uses results or citations from other scientific materials, the original sources of these results or citations should be indicated with precise bibliographical references. In the submitted paper the authors should not present the results, which are virtually the same as those already published or supposed to be published in other papers.

The authors should reflect the existing state of the issues, which are considered in the paper, in a comprehensive and objective manner. The authors are obliged to make bibliographically correct references to the publications, which determine the existing state of the issues that are considered in the paper (and cite such publications, if necessary). The paper should include the appropriate bibliographic reference to the source of each statement (observation, reasoning or conclusion), which was published previously. The data, which was acquired privately (for example, during a conversation or correspondence), should not be used without a written permission of the source and without reflecting the availability of such permission in the paper text.

All individuals, who made a significant contribution towards obtaining the scientific results, which are reflected in the paper, should be included into the composition of the paper authoring team. The composition of the authoring team should be limited to include only those, who made a significant contribution towards obtaining the scientific results and conclusions that are presented in the paper. The individuals, who made a lesser auxiliary contribution towards obtaining the scientific results that are presented in the paper, may be acknowledged by expressing gratitude in the paper text.

If there is a conflict of interests, which can call the scientific objectivity of the paper authors into question, such conflict of interests should be disclosed in the paper text along with the explanations of the authors concerning this issue.

The authors, who identified significant inaccuracies or errors in the paper that was submitted to the journal or already published in the journal, should notify the Editorial Board about this immediately to make a joint decision concerning the form of presentation of the objective information.

During submission of the paper to the journal its authors should confirm that they have familiarized themselves with the present rules of ethical conduct and have not violated these rules in any way. — informational site of MAI

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