A numerical stream simulation for external-compression inlet with energy supply into incoming supersonic flow

Applied Mathematics, Mechanics and Physics


Pirogov S. Y.*, Yuriev A. S.**, Tipayev V. V.***, Makhrov A. S.****

Mlitary spaсe Aсademy named after A.F. Mozhaisky, 13, Zdanovskaya str., Saint Petersburg, 197198, Russia

*e-mail: kafedral7@rambler.ru
**e-mail: jouriev@mail.ru
***e-mail: tipw@mail.ru
****e-mail: acm-@mail.ru


Numerical investigation results are presented to demonstrate an influence of energy supply on a shock-wave structure in external-compression inlet for its nominal operation mode. It is shown that energy supply into incoming undisturbed supersonic flow can be used to change shock-wave structure arising in the inlet under the nominal operation mode.


shock-wave structure; inlet; energy supply; Goudunov method

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