Influence of gas atoms scattering parameters on a surface on flow stability

Propulsion and Power Plants


Aksenova O. A.1*, Khalidov I. A.2**

1. St.-Petersburg State University, 7/9, Universitetskaya nab., Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russia
2. Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, 29, Polytechnicheskaya str., St. Petersburg, 195251, Russia



It is shown, that rarefied gas flow instability (that could be observed as variation of flow regime by a small deviation of the parameters) can remain valid in different flows. The regions of parameter variation are found, corresponding to different types of attractors (stationary attraction points, limit cycles, infinite cascades of bifurcations and chaotic attractor). The results could be applied to rarefied flows in channels and nozzles in flying space vehicles, as well as to small-scale flows in very narrow channels (near to molecular scale), where Knudsen number is large at normal atmospheric pressure. Active interest in these flows is caused by practical importance of microelectric systems as well as by development in nanotechnology.


rarefied gas, internal flows, gas-surface interaction, instability, bifurcations — informational site of MAI

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