Transport category aircraft layout forming with the modified computer-aided design system

Aeronautical and Space-Rocket Engineering

DOI: 10.34759/vst-2022-4-51-66


Leshikhin I. I.*, Sonin O. V.**

Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI), Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia



The work deals with the study and modification of the Automated Design Dialogue System (ARDIS) for the subsonic passenger aircraft design to create an extra possibility of calculating the cargo aircraft characteristics.

The ARDIS is meant for performing calculations at the initial stage of the design (concept selecting, requirements formulating and draft proposal developing), when the state of the project is marked by many uncertainties, and it is necessary to consider a large number of options and perform their parametric studies.

The methodological basis for the ARDIS modification is application of computational algorithms for cargo aircraft characteristics, including ramp ones, and their software implementation.

Proceeding to the ARDIS software package modifying, a part of modules, subjected to the changes, was separated out, while the other part of the modules, which are not planned for modification at this stage, but their application may affect the result of characteristics computing of the transport category aircraft, remained unchanged. Such modules as Geometry, Aerodynamics, Power Plant, Flight Performance and Mass relate to these kind of modules. They were studied with description and detailed block-diagrams compiling.

The ARDIS modification assumes not only direct editing of the program source code, but also introduction of new variations of the features that will allow the ARDIS to switch algorithmic branches for calculating characteristics of both cargo and passenger aircraft.

The new types of transport aircraft introduction to ARDIS allowed modifying the program code responsible for computing characteristics corresponding to these types. Specifics of new types of aircraft affect the change in the mass of the aircraft and, first of all, the change in the mass of the fuselage. Algorithms for computing the weight of the longitudinal framing, windows, doors, hatches, sealing and the weight of the floor of the passenger cabin or cargo compartment have undergone partial modification. Algorithms for computing all other characteristics unique to the cargo-type aircraft have been redeveloped.

Computations in the modified system of computer-aided design (ARDIS) were performed on the example of the prospective transport aircraft in passenger version, and a cargo aircraft. As the result, the aircraft specifications were obtained, which were verified with the prospect characteristics.


passenger and transport aircraft computer-aided design (CAD) system, ARDIS, multidisciplinary calculations, modification of comprehensive program


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