Mathematical model of a technical resource of the transformer in view of influence of electrodynamic forces on isolation

Propulsion and Power Plants


Lozovsky V. V., V. , Rudenko N. V., Soloviev V. N.*

Scientific Production Association "Mashinery Technology", 40, 3- proezd Mar'ina Roshcha, Moscow, 127018, Russia



The service life of mains transformers specified in the specifications and technical documentation, pays off, proceeding from the certain normative conditions in which the transformer is maintained. However these conditions can differ from normative, that influences for the term of service of transformers. The account интенсивностей and current operating conditions which can be realized by means of a technique of the automated monitoring a technical condition, will allow to bring updatings in management of a technical condition of transformers. Existing mathematical models of an estimation of a technical condition of mains transformers possess a number of lacks that does a problem solved in clause actual. The mathematical model offered in clause can be used by development of a technique of the automated monitoring a technical condition of mains transformers and the means realizing the given technique, directed on increase of operational reliability of transformers.


service life, isolation, the actual worked resource, the automated monitoring, mechanical pressure, operational reliability. — informational site of MAI

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