Definition of spatial positions of flying machines under their two-dimensional dynamic images

Electronics, Radio and Communications


Malyshev O. V.1*, Vishnyakov A. S., Khmarov I. М.2**, Kondrashov N. G.3***

1. Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University named after P.A. Soloviev, RSATU, 53, Pushkin St., Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, 152934, Russia
2. Research center (Tver) of Central Research Airforce Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry, 32, Afanasy Nikitin emb., Tver, 170026, Russia
3. Air force academy named after professor N.E. Zhukovskii and Y.A. Gagarin, 54a, Starykh bol'shevikov, Voronezh, 394064, Russia



In given article the method of definition of spatial positions of the flying machine on the basis of processing of its dynamic two-dimensional image from one chamber of an optical range is stated.


two-dimensional image; photoreception matrix; calibrating circuit; the optical centre. — informational site of MAI

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