Influence of fitting on the operation of the hinge joint with plug


Gromov V. F.1*, Makarov A. F.2, Ovsyannikov D. A.

1. ,
2. Dubna International University for Nature, Society and Man, 141980 Moscow region, Dubna, Universitetskaya str., 19



There is given design model and by FEM was determined stress and strain state from the external load of plate with off-centered hole in which was installed free fit and with tension thin wall high tensile plug. On the example with explicit data of design technological parameters was determined the practicability of the plug installation in the hinge joint hole with radial tension, as under the compression and tension load the stress concentration decreases and improve the working conditions of such unit.


hinge joint; force fit; plug; connecting strap; tangential, radial and equivalent stresses. — informational site of MAI

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