Mobile system for fixing and accounting for aircraft external damages while preflight checkup

Aeronautical and Space-Rocket Engineering

Control and testing of flying vehicles and their systems


Maximov N. А.*, Solodovnikova D. A.**, Sharonov A. V.***

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



The paper tackles the version of the mobile system for fixing and accounting for aircraft damages while preflight checkup. The benefits of the system are defined by the possibility to use mobile devices of a tablet type equipped with high-resolution cameras. These devices fix the detected damages, and convey the images of these damages into the server part of the system, which performs their processing and automatic logging to various exploitative documents, related to aircraft servicing. The basic tasks resolved by the developed and described in this paper bundled software of the mobile system are formulated as follows:

The developed mobile system's software solves all above listed tasks, which allows accelerate not only the preflight checkup itself and filling out the related documents, but also the subsequent technical servicing (such as repair, gathering of statistical reporting systematization on the condition of the certain aircraft

  1. Realization of the possibility to use mobile hardware (a tablet with high-resolution camera, or special hardware) for damage registration and the possibility to examine the tolerances on such damages by its location.

  2. Solving the problem of a picture of damage operative “attachment” to the “structure damages list”.

  3. Realization of automatic documentation generation to send the request for the element repair to the aircraft manufacturer, if such repair is beyond the scope of the Repair manual.

  4. Loading to the database the information on the performed repair and substituting of the damaged elements picture for the new one.

  5. Return the list of existing damages of the aircraft on the request of the program.

  6. Performing checkup and repair according to instruction manuals. Furthermore, the program should provide an opportunity for regulatory documents viewing to determine further activities for the damage elimination.


damages accounting system, aircraft, preflight checkup, software, operational documentation, mobile devices


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