Electric power supply system with distributed differential high voltage dc-link and modular-scalable architecture for all-electric aircraft

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Reznikov S. B.1*, Kiselev M. A.2**, Moroshkin Y. V.2***, Mukhin A. A.2****, Kharchenko I. A.3*****

1. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
2. State Institute of Aviation Systems, 7, Victorenko str., Moscow, 125319, Russia
3. Central Research and Development Testing Institute of the Engineering Troops of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Nakhabino-2, Moscow region, 143432, Russia

*e-mail: rezn41@mail.ru
**e-mail: makiselev@2100.gosniias.ru
***e-mail: yvmoroshkin@2100.gosniias.ru
****e-mail: aamuhin@2100.gosniias.ru
*****e-mail: igor8p5@yandex.ru


The promising concept of all-electric aircraft free from pneumo- and hydro actua-tors for flight control and stabilizing rotation frequency of main starter-generators supposes significant rise of power supply capacity up to 1.5 MW and more. To ensure high reliability indices and quality of supplied electric energy, the parallel con-nection of supply channels of onboard electric power system should be provided, as well as reversible (bidirectional) interconnection with stand-by low-voltage batteries.

To realize the concept of all-electric aircraft, the article suggests application of the so-called differential higher voltage DC-link with frame grounded averaged-potential (“zero”) wire.

Apart from the well-known benefits of the high DC voltage distribution subsystems, suggested high voltage DC-link has specific benefits, which allow substantiate particular requirements to the power supply systems for domestic all-electric aircraft.

As an example, the article presents the power circuit of the electric power supply combined channel with high voltage DC-link and standby battery based uninterruptible source for combined electric power systems with modular-scalable architecture. It also describes this channels operation. The reviewed structure of a single-phase power supply channel with high voltage DC-link may be recommended as an interrelated group of unified modules of switched mode converters applicable for synthesis of combined power supply systems with modular-scalable architecture and enhanced power supply capacity, and for all-electric aircraft power supply systems in particular.

The article suggest also the combined power supply system with distributed higher voltage DC-link and modular-scalable architecture for all-electric aircraft. Schematic and algorithmic solutions for three types of multifunctional switched mode converters, encompassing all specter of necessary conversions in onboard systems are considered. These solutions allow realize power supply systems with modular-scalable architecture for all-electric aircraft with account for import substitution of power electronics product range. The article presents the example of a simplified combined power supply system with differential higher voltage DC-link of hypothetical all-electric aircraft with four cruise engines and four main starter-generators.


power electronics, multipurpose switched mode converters, all-electric aircraft, differential high voltage DC link, reversible rectifier-inverter transducer, bidirectional invertor-rectifier converter, reversible switched mode converter, bidirectional frequency converter


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