Uniaxial gyrostabilizer application for the gyroscopic stabilization system in self-contained control systems

Electrical Engineering


Bazhenov N. G.*, Filina O. A.**, Ozerova E. Y.*

Kazan State Power-Engineering University, KSPEU, 51, Krasnoselskaja str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, 420059, Russia

*e-mail: kgey-et@yandex.ru
**e-mail: olga_yuminova83@mail.ru


The proposed unit relates to the field of navigation technology. This type of gyroscopic devices is the simplest and low cost compared to a rotary gyroscope. Single-axis and dual-axis gyroscopes, widely used for movement direction determining, are wellknown, by now, both in civil and military spheres. The main disadvantage of the now-employed gyroscopes is a low speed of the oriented direction determining, reaching up to several minutes. The proposed gyrocompass allows significantly reduce the above said disadvantage and at the same time dramatically improve the accuracy in the “North-South” direction determining. It aims at improving accuracy and speed in the “North-South” orientation determining. This type of gyroscope is much simpler and low cost at commensurable accuracy compared to a rotary gyroscope. The article presents a kinematic scheme of the HS, which allows implement a twin-axis perturbation control method. With this, it allows achieving the required control dynamic characteristics; stabilization accuracy, and the kinematic moment values by selecting the appropriate transfer coefficients Its main property consists in the ability to hold fixed direction of the axis of rotation in space in the absence of the external forces impact on it. This gyroscopic device structure consists of a gyroscope with a rotor of a “brick" shape; communication on angular deviations through amplifiers; torque sensors; and standard stabilizing motors. Thus, the whole complexity of the device consists in the gyro rotor manufacturing, and float chambers in particular. The proposed unit operates in the following way. At the effect of the moment on one of the axes, the rotor gyroscopic moment appears. Pulsating signals along the perpendicular axis appear as well. Thus, there are two types of signals, which can be employed to stabilize the object containing the above said unit is installed. These findings are supported by the presented equations, where  are expressions for the deviations on the two axes. The gyrostabilizer motion was considered in the mathematical model under condition that the values of the moment of inertia on the axes α and β , with account for the presence of additional inserts, would be expressed in the form:  . Thus, the equations were composed with account for these expressions.

The said unit allows find application in the aircraft automatic devices systems.


gyrostabilizer, gyro instrument, vibratory gyroscope, magnetic flux, gyro motor, reallocation dynamics, float dynamic characteristics, piezoelectric gyroscopes


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