Application of magnetic fluid technical means in processing equipment and technical systems of missile and space-rocket systems

Spacecraft and Rockets


Sova A. N.*, Mazlumyan G. S.**, Baryshov D. P.***, Borisov R. B.****, Rulev S. V.*****

Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI), MADI, 64, Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow, 125319, Russia



Magnetic fluid (MF) technical means have very important property — they are controlled, so they spread in pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, electronic and other types of technics as a working body, in which the magnetic liquid changing the rheological properties (magnetization, viscosity and density is applied; electric, optical, acoustic, etc.) under the influence of an external magnetic field is used. Now three main types of MF are known: ferrofluids, magnetorheological suspensions and magnetic compositions.
Now the main directions of application of MF is the following: 1) magnetic fluid systems of vibroand shock defense; 2) magnetic liquid consolidations; 3) magnetic liquid additives for fuels of internal combustion engines; 4) magnetic liquid fluid transmission and transmissions of vehicles; 5) magnetic liquid greasing; 6) magnetic liquid water purification from oil products; 7) magnetic liquid separation of not magnetic particles; 8) magnetic liquid support and bearings; 9) magnetic liquid measuring devices; 10) magnetic liquid heat carriers; 11) magnetic liquid chemical technologies; 12) magnetic liquid printers; 13) magnetic liquid distributive equipment for working bodies (working liquids, gases); 14) magnetic liquid medical devices.
A number of tasks were solved during the creation of movement speed automatic control system of the mobile unit with application of automatic magnetic liquid transmission for the mobile units (MU) of missile and space-rocket systems. Application estimation of MU movement control system with automatic hydrodynamic transmission based on the operated magnetic liquid fluid transmission (FT) is carried out.
Thus, MFwith ability to change their sizes and properties by the meaning of influence of an external magnetic field are fully belonged to micro and nanomaterials, and their use in systems of vibroprotectionof heavy-loaded and light cars, buildings and constructions in systems of branch and transformation of heat of space-rocket complexes units will allow tosignificantly improve their operational and technical characteristics.
Further it is reasonable to use magnetic fluid systems in creation of new and modernization of existing spring systems, systems of vibroand shock defense, transmissions, systems of vehiclesgreasing, systems of cars safety at the industry enterprises — BAZ, MZKT, KZKT, Ural Automobile Plant, KAMAZ, — systems of ventilation and conditioning of buildings and constructions, systems of branch and transformation of heat of various units of space-rocket complexes.


magnetic fluid; magnetic liquid technical means; nanomaterials; theoretical bases; experimental bases; processing equipment; technical systems; missile systems; space-rocket complexes


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