Selection of the lunar penetrator parameters with a through channel

Spacecraft and Rockets


Zagovorchev V. A.*, Rodchenko V. V.**, Sadretdinova E. R.***

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



Penetrator is an impactive ingrained probe, which is placed into the soil and used for study on internal structure of celestial bodies. The peculiarity of the concerned penetrator is a solid-fuel propulsion system with a straight-through channel, which allows a rational mode of penetration by reducing the resistance forces arising in the ground.
The special features of the functioning propulsion system with a straight-through channel are soil inside intake, its mixing with fuel combustion products, vortex and outflow of the resulting mixture from the through channel.
Intake soil and mixing it with the combustion products leads to the necessity of study on two-phase flow in the chamber of variable section. Analysis of dependencies in the article shows that the friction loss of the gas particles will be increased because of intaken soil particle size growth and their concentration. Emanating combustion products volume from the nozzle of the penetrator with a straight-through channel rises in 1,5...3 times because of intaken soil on board and leads to an increase in draft at 20...30 %.
Besides these relations can be used for calculation of the rotating mixture basic parameters in the cross section of the through channel including in the critical section of the nozzle.
Thus, during the selection of optimal variant for constructing penetrator with a straight-through channel it is necessary to add the two-phase mixture degree spin and a hole diameter, through which soil is taken inside the machine, i.e. diameter of front end section of the through channel in the range of main design parameters that uniquely identify the penetrator.


penetrator, lunar soil, solid-fuel engine


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