Information counteraction for self-guided missile radio systems

Electronics, Radio and Communications


Kuprijanov A. I.



In the article, the problem of the organization of counteraction to ignorance of anti-radar missiles on a source of radiation of electromagnetic waves of a radio range is considered. Counteraction provides statement of active misinforming interference radiated from the point of space which is not coinciding with the position of protected radio station. Synthesis of the parameters influences of interference is made with use of differential game model. By results of definition of optimum strategy for antagonistic players: coalitions of the director of interference both protected system on the one hand and a self-guided missile on another are defined requirements to parameters of the interference maximizing the minimum prize of system of counteraction. It is shown, that such interference should be coherently connected with parameters of the signal radiated by protected system. Thus, the interference should have double frequency and peak manipulation which should provide periodic change of level of the received signal in the antenna placed on the head of the missile. In one half- cycle, the interference should exceed level of inadvertent radiation in side lobes of the radiation pattern of protected radio means. In other half-cycle interference level should be below radiation level in side lobes. The period of peak manipulation should be equal to the distinction of interference frequencies and the signal of protected radio means. In the actual conditions of the withdrawing simulating interference with the parameters defined on the basis of the differential game decision, the kinematic trajectory — which is aiming in essence — shows the analysis of modelling results of missile movement which leads to the miss.


differential games, the misguiding simulative interference, antiradar missile


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